How do you use the Giant deck strategy

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How do you use the Giant deck strategy

The Giant Deck is a great deck when you consider the different kinds of Clash Royale Decks. The strategy what this deck employs is explained in this article.

The components of the deck

The deck consists of the baby dragon, Valkyrie, the musketeer and of course the Giant. This is the core setup that will be used. When the match starts, the giant is to be placed behind the tower of the king so the Elixir can be recharged before another troop can be put down. The Valkyrie similarly, is to be placed close to the giant. The reason for this is that whatever MOBs try to take down the giant, they can be dealt with by Valkyrie. The musketeer is to be placed 2-4 tiles away from the giant so that the opponent does not focus on her and she also can be used to remove enemy troops while keeping a distance.

Clash Royale Decks

Strategy to be employed

Incase the enemy does not use cards, then the spear goblins can be dropped near the musketeer. This will add to the defense and can be used as an offensive measure as well. They add support to the giant.

Incase you do not have the card, then the giant can be replaced with a low elixir troop. After this the giant card should appear. Incase it still doesn’t, then you can make do with Valkyrie or the Barbarian. Sometimes, you will do well in the Clash Royale Deck to just bid your time while the core gets set up.

Alternatives to this  Clash Royale Deck is the Giant, spear goblin, musketeer and baby dragon or else it could be Valkyrie who is used instead of the musketeer. If you also want, one strategy to be employed is to use barbarians to hold the enemy down. These are different ways in which you can move ahead in the game.

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