What are some of the doubts people have regarding coolsculpting

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What are some of the doubts people have regarding coolsculpting

Coolsculpting like the name itself sounds really cool. Most people are tired of not losing their bulges even though they are exercising and even though they are on diets. For such people coolsculpting at home kit seems to be the perfect solution. However, some people are apprehensive as this is fairly new.

Well, coolsculpting at home kit  is perfectly safe and it is a natural way to rid the body of it’s unwanted fat. It is cost effective as well and in it, the skin is subjected to cooling temperature and as a resultthe fat perishes. The thick fat layers are reduced by 20-25% and the result is that the person gets a more sculpted look.


The skin surface temperature decreases to 54 Fahrenheit though for the first 30 minutes it is 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The final 30 minutes consists of the temperature being dropped to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. So in an hour the fat layer is reduced by 1.5 centimeters.

The skin does not suffer from frostbite as the temperature needs to be below 14 degrees Fahrenheit for the person to suffer that. Also, coolsculpting does not kill the cells directly but it initiates the natural death of these cells and that is the reason why the results are not instantaneous but the effects are seen in totality only after weeks or months.

For those people who want to try the coolsculptingathome.net, they should not use ice cubes on the body surface but should put it in bags and use it till the ice begins to melt. The gel pack should not be used as it could cause a lot of damage to the skin and that is the reason plastic bags are used. Large cubes of ice should not be used and ice should be constantly changed when it begins to melt.

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