Details pertaining to the daily use of carrageenan

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Many people do not know that they tend to use carrageenan on a daily on a daily basis in some form or the other. This food additive is quite common and is proven by research as safe to use both by adults and children alike. It is not quite common for people to know about the origin and use of this substance as the term is quite rarely used by many. Obtained from red seaweed, this substance is said to be used as a thickener in different types of foods all over the world. This is totally a natural substance which is also said to be used by manufacturers of different types of food and dairy products.

Is carrageenan safe for consumption?


There is a common misconception that this food additive is not safe for consumption as it may have been read on the internet or from different sources. However, this is far from the truth as studies and research have proved that this is completely safe for consumption. The misconception over carrageenan had started from confusing it with poligeenan which is said to not be safe for consumption. Poligeenan which is also known as undegraded carrageenan is safe made from the same red seaweed but with a different process altogether which is no way close to the food grade carrageenan that is used in food products.

Common uses in food

You must be using various dairy products on a regular basis which is said to use food grade carrageenan. This includes cold forms of milk, processed meat, sea food, cold milk powders, gel desserts, and even on toothpastes and things like water based gels as air fresheners.

You may choose to read detailed reviews by the world health organization (WHO) and food and agriculture organization of the United Nations (FAO) to know more about the safety concerning the use of this food additive both for children and adults alike.


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